The Connection Between Acne and Greasy Foods

Experts say that diet has nothing to do with acne but a lot of people claim that they experience episodes of acne after eating certain foods. So what’s the deal with acne and diet? Can certain foods cause acne? Can the best acne product treat acne without need to change your diet? It goes without saying that what you eat affects your overall health. It is a fact. Hundreds of diseases and conditions today are diet and lifestyle related.

Acne though may not be caused directly by your diet, it seems common sense that what you eat definitely contributes to your condition. Acne is triggered by different factors. One of the mos common factor that trigger acne attacks is the increase in androgen. Certain foods can contribute to the increase in androgen levels in your blood stream.

To help you fight acne, here is a list of foods that you would want to avoid:

  • Milk- Milk and other dairy products, though may be considered as healthy, is not good for individuals suffering from acne. Milk contains a lot of hormones that may aggravate your condition. These hormons can make oil glands make more sebum.
  • Processed sweets- A sweet treat may not be an ideal snack when you have acne. A typical western diet that consists of refined carbs can cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition where your body is forced to produce more insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. As your body struggles with this high level of insulin, it causes your sebaceous glands to produce more oil which will worsen your acne condition.
  • Greasy Foods- Like processed sweets, greasy foods can increase blood sugar levels causing your body to produce more insulin.
  • Chocolates- Yes, life is unfair. Chocolates are considered as one of the most common triggers of acne outbreaks. Studies show that there is a significant link between acne and eating chocolates.

Treating acne is easy. You just need to find a good acne product and watch what you eat. Try to avoid foods that can trigger or worsen your acne. You need to substitute them with foods that will not only make you acne free but healthy as well. Small fish like anchovies and krill is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Leafy greens and yellow fruits can also help you fight acne. On top of these, you also need to maintain a skin care routine.